What causes a hangover headache?


We are certain that most of you have experienced at least one hangover in your lifetime. Many of us even declare that we are “never drinking again”. This is of interest to calmd as a hangover effects both the body and the mind.

What are the symptoms?

Hangovers can cause many symptoms after a few too many adult beverages. Below we will list a few that the calmd Face Mask can help with.

  • Headache – This can be caused by a number of factors including dehydration due to alcohols diuretic effect (makes you pee more). Alcohol also causes vasodilation. This makes blood vessels expand, which can happen in any region of the body including the brain. When these blood vessels expand they can put pressure on certain nerves in the brain causing pain. This can even present with a similar pain distribution to a vascular migraine. The headache is very real!

    The calmd Face Mask can help when cool to reduce the vasodilation. On the other hand, it can even help when warm to relieve built up tension in the muscles of the face and forehead. Our advice is try both!  

    If you are a snorer, the risk of headache is even higher with a hangover. The change in breathing pattern can contribute to sinus congestion and therefor – sinus headache. The mask warmed up and placed over the frontal sinus (located in the forehead) can help relieve this congestion and allow the sinuses to drain effectively.
  • Anxiety – hangovers are known to increase the risk of feeling anxious. More so, if you are prone to or regularly suffer from anxiety!

    The calmd Face Mask is great for helping anxiety. Simply warm the mask and place over eyes. This allows you to block out the world and focus on your breathing. You may also have some strategies in place that you already use to help when feeling anxious. We suggest also doing what works for you.
  • Blood shot eyes and those unsightly bags underneath are a tell tale sign that you have overindulged and had a big night!

    The calmd Face mask can be applied at room temperature with the gel bead side over the eyes. This will provide a refreshing cool effect and may help to tighten up the skin below your eyes and help to lessen the redness in your eyes. If you decide to cool your calmd Face Mask in the fridge, we suggest using it on the plush side over the eyes.

The only sure-fire way to prevent a hangover is to know your limits or refrain from drinking. But for those of us that love a glass of wine or 6, it’s a great idea to prepare for the morning after and have you calmd Face Mask on standby.