About Us

We are CALMD (pronounced calmed).

Kirsten, a psychologist, and James, a physiotherapist. We first met when Kirsten went to visit James at his clinic for migraine management. From in-appointment chats about migraines, pain relief and the psychological impact of chronic illness, we realised we had an opportunity to join forces for good. 

We create medication-free alternatives for pain relief.

Yep, that's our purpose. We want individuals who experience headache and migraine to have options - things other than, or in addition to, preventative medication and strong pain killers. We want to be the place you think of when you want to build your 'headache and migraine toolkit'. 

Between us, we have expertise and lived experience with headache and migraine.

James is a seriously enterprising and savvy physiotherapist - with five clinics under his belt. He's had loads of experience treating patients experiencing headache and migraine. He's also studying an advanced qualification in migraine treatment.

Kirsten has experienced migraines for as long as she can remember. She's tried all sorts of things from preventative medication, strong pain killers, massage, diet changes and acupuncture. And she's a psychologist, so she's very aware of the connection between pain and mental health. 


We look forward to getting you calmd.