Brisbane Headache and Migraine Clinic

Brisbane Headache and Migraine Clinic™ is a multi-award winning clinic. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Hence you can expect 1 on 1 private consultation rooms, with your own personal headache clinician to help guide you through the treatment process.

Clinicians at Brisbane Headache and Migraine Clinic™ listen to your concerns, history and address your goals. A unique approach to manage chronic headaches and migraines is achieved through the Optimal Health4Life plan, which is a 4-step process to assist chronic sufferers gain control of their lives.

Medication Free Treatments

Are you one of the millions of sufferers who depend on medications to help with your symptoms?

Although medications can help with symptoms, they usually mask the pain without treating the underlying cause of the problem. We also understand that long-term use of medication can also have a negative impact to the body, and result in Medication Overuse Headache or Rebound Headaches.

A medication-free approach is finally here to treat and target to cause of headaches and migraines. If you continue to suffer from migraines and are taking endless amount of medications, we can provide a second opinion to find the underlying root cause of your symptoms.