Scarborough Physio and Health

Welcome to Scarborough Physio and Health. Are you fed up with being in pain, and you just want to get rid of your pain quickly and with a minimum of effort? At Scarborough Physio and Health, we are different from the rest, and in a good way. We apply our years of experience and the latest research to deliver fantastic results for our patients.

We aim to fix your pain fast, and get you back to living a pain free, healthy and happy life. More than that, we provide results that last, so you stay injury free for longer. It is our privilege to look after you and we look forward to giving you the best of care.

In your consultation your experienced practitioner will get to know you and understand your unique problem and tailor your treatment to fit in with your lifestyle and your individual circumstances. We do our best to get to the root of what is causing your problem, and we don’t just treat your symptoms. We will give you easy to understand advice, exercises and suggestions for how you can help yourself to get out of pain as quickly as possible.