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CALMD Essential Oil Roll-On (10mL)

CALMD Essential Oil Roll-On (10mL)

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Designed to reduce stress, worry and anxiety and to promote positive feelings and lift mood.

The signature blend has been especially formulated and contains:

Lavender - to activate the part of the nervous system responsible for relaxation. By doing so, it can calm and also help relieve the physical symptoms of anxiety. 

Frankincense (also know as "the king of oils") - to ground the body and mind. It is deeply captivating with a wood-like aroma and boasts calming, sedative properties.

Orange - to alleviate anxiety. It also has mood enhancing properties which is important for recovery in stressful times.


Instructions for Use
Roll onto the neck and wrists, taking deeps breaths from the wrists when needed.
Safety Information
Always patch test before use. Please consult your trusted health professional with any concerns before use. Discontinue use if any skin irritation occurs. We do not intend to cure or treat any medical conditions. 
Things to Note
Before first use, you might not be able to smell much - or smell the complete combination of scents. This is because the oils haven’t yet coated the metal roller ball. The ball is firm before first use, to prevent leakage in transit and to stop air from entering the product. It is not until it's rolled on that you will smell the complete combination of scents. 
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