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RELIEVED Essential Oil Roll-On (10mL)

RELIEVED Essential Oil Roll-On (10mL)

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A custom blend, designed specifically to relieve pain and tension associated with headache and migraine.


Made with the highest quality essential oils, specifically:

  • Peppermint - to soothe
  • Basil - to relax 
  • Lavender - to calm.

Instructions for Use

Simply roll desired amount on to temples, neck or inside of wrists as required.

Safety Information

Always patch test before use.

Please consult your trusted health professional with any concerns before use.

Discontinue use if any skin irritation occurs.

We do not intend to cure or treat any medical conditions. 

Not to be consumed nor left unattended around children.

Please use only as directed. Use at own risk.

It is recommended to not use essential oils in the first trimester of pregnancy without consulting with your health professional.

Product Care

Must be stored in cool dry places and out of heat/sunlight.

The lid must remain tightly fastened at all times; if exposed to heat and air, the blend will oxidise, losing aromas and therapeutic qualities.

Things to Note

Before first use, you might not be able to smell much - or smell the complete combination of scents. This is because the oils haven’t yet coated the metal roller ball. The ball is firm before first use, to prevent leakage in transit and to stop air from entering the product. It is not until it's rolled on that you will smell the complete combination of scents. 

Once opened, best used within 12 months.

Return policy

Due to hygiene reasons, this product cannot be returned.

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